ACME Disaster Recovery Services understands drying and bases it’s drying processes on the four principles of drying:

  1. What is Wet?

  2. How Wet is It?

  3. Are We Drying?

  4. Is it Dry?

The four principles of this drying approach allows ACME to perform its drying and dehumidification services as thoroughly and efficiently as possible, which greatly reduces the secondary damages of mold.

Certification & Technology

Our staff is trained and certified by the IICRC and evaluates each water loss using moisture meters and thermal imaging camera technology. Along with the aid of psychrometrics, the proper quantity of drying equipment is strategically placed to assure hidden moisture is removed.

Equipment & Alliances

With one of the largest drying equipment inventories on the east coast, ACME can minimize damages by taking immediate action. To assure continuity of operations during widespread disasters, such as flooding and hurricanes, ACME has formed alliances with regional and national equipment suppliers and rental firms, allowing us to respond under the most demanding situations.

For immediate response, call ACME Disaster Recovery Services at: (518) 266-3438