Services include analysis and testing for contaminates such as chlorides after a fire/smoke or water loss and silt after a flood loss.
Electronic equipment restoration includes:

Networks – Servers – Routers

Computers – Scanners – Copiers

Surveillance – Video – Communication

Electrical equipment restoration includes:

Distribution Centers – Switchgear – Panels

Cranes – Robotics – Bus duct

Transformers – Motors – Motor Control Centers

Mechanical equipment restoration includes:

Medical – Dental – Optical

Assembly lines – Lathes – Presses

Food processing – Injection molding – Semiconductor

At ACME Disaster Recovery Services we understand the costs associated with downtime, and coordinate our services with the business impact analysis to reduce your business interruption.

ACME offers Pre-Loss Planning through its Emergency Mitigation Response (EMR) plan for our commercial and industrial clients.

For immediate response to your Electronic, Electrical or Machinery loss, call the ACME 24-hour Hotline at: (518) 266-8755